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Auswaertiges Amt (Foreign Affairs) - Dritter Merkblatt ueber die Lage der Deutschen in Niederlaendisch-Ostindien. Stand August 1941, Berlin, 1941. Includes separate chapters on the situation of men, women and children, and the seizure and trading of properties.
Auswaertiges Amt (Foreign Affairs) - Zweites Merkblatt ueber die lage der Deutschen in Niederlaendischen Besitzungen, Berlin, 1940. Author: Willy Schulz (?) - Second memorandum on the situation of Germans in the Dutch Colonies. Prepared at the occasion of Christmas and New Year to stimulate appreciation for imprisoned Germans overseas, 22 December 1940
Grasshoff, Johannes - Verslag 1940 – 1942. First hand report of survivor Johannes Grasshoff. Machine typed in Yokohama, Japan, 1942. Unpublished document. 28 pages. Currently in NIOD archive in the Indische Collectie, archive ref 400.01078.
Vehring, Albert - Notarial deed on Van Imhoff disaster, Bielefeld, 1949. A copy of the original notarial statement is filed in Düsseldorf with the Interessenverband der vertriebenen Hollanddeutschen im Bundesgebiet. Full text available at several websites including: