Heinrich Kessler

Victim | 1884 | Estate administrator

Born in Aken 1884, Germany.

ex-Tsingtau. Mentioned in the Deutsche Wacht listing of 1922 as Tsingtaokämpfer and Japanese prisoner of war.

1935: Planter in Poeloekan (Pulukan), Negara, Banjuwangi, Bali. Lived at the "Poeloekan Estate".

1940: Planter in Kintamani, Bali. Probably his last address.

Interned in May 1940. Shipped with the ss Van Imhoff, Drowned.

Death certificate. Source: Burgerlijke Stand Batavia, bijzondere overlijdensregisters 1948-1950, Arsip Nasional, Jakarta

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