Josef Jahn

Victim | 1895 | Police Officer

Born in Bruenn (Brno ?), Maeren.
Ex Tsingtao. In August 1914 he is deck officer on the Cruiser SMS Kaiserin Elisabeth .

In November interned in the Himeji Camp in Japan with prisoner number #2247 and registered with home address Maehrisch Rothwasser in Maehren, Germany. In September 1915 he was moved to the Aonogahara Camp.

Released in December 1919. Became police inspector in 1922 stationed in Kedu. In 1935 he was stationed in Bandung (Gang Langasari 24), and police officer in TebingTinggi (1940).

Arrested in May 1940 and deported with the Van Imhoff. Drowned.

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