Johann Jacob Heckenbuecker

Victim | 22 July 1893 | Chief Police Officer, 1st class

Johann Jacob  HeckenbueckerJohann Jacob Heckenbücker was born in Krefeld in the Prussian Rhineland Province. He was the son of ?

In August 1914 he joined the 1. Kompanie of the III. Seebatallion in Tsingtao and took part in the defence of the city against the Japanese.

After the fall of Tsingtao he spent the rest of the war in the Kurume Prisoner of War camp in Japan where he was registered as prisoner #4?. From the camp's archive, a postcard is saved, showing his family address: Joh. Heckenbücker, Neuerweg 4, Krefeld.

Upon his release in 1919 he, along with several hundred former Tsingtao Seesoldaten, migrated to the Dutch East Indies and enlisted in the colonial police force.

He married with Mrs Katisah/Hatisah (?) and had children. He was promoted to Chief Police Officer in 1922 and posted in Indramayu (Java).

In 1940, the year of his arrest, he was re-posted to Bandung (last address). Deported with the ss Van Imhoff and drowned.

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Kurume Prisoner of War camp in Japan, showing soldiers of the 1. Kompanie, III. Seebataillon after their capture at Tsingtao in 1914. One of the men in this group portrait (possibly the one marked with an X lying down on the left) is Jacob Heckenbücker.

This photograph is taken at Kurume Prisoner of War camp in Japan at Christmas 1915, just over a year after the fall of Tsingtao. The glum faces of the five Seesoldaten reflect their thoughts at being imprisoned away from their loved ones at Christmas. One of the men in this grouping is Jacob Heckenbücker.

At the start of his career in the Netherlands East Indies, Jacob Heckenbücker is posted with the Dutch New Guinea Police.

Death certificate. Source: Burgerlijke Stand Batavia, bijzondere overlijdensregisters 1948-1950, Arsip Nasional, Jakarta

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