Johannes (Hans) Grossmann

Victim | 1893 | Car dealer

Born 1893 in Überberg, Oberamt Nagold, Württemberg. August 1914: marine soldier in Tsingtau in the 2nd Company of the 3rd Sea bataillon. From November 1914 prisoner of war in the Marügame (prisoner number 1891). From December 1919 in the Bando camp. His homeaddress and next of kin was noted as Bernick and/or Otto Baüer in Oberamt Nagold.

In December 1919 he was released and offered a police function in the NEI. He possible worked in this capacity for a while. In 1922 he works with Vibem Simaloer in Sinabang (Aceh) In 1940 he is registered as car dealer in Langsat (Aceh).

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