E E J F K Schröder

Survivor | Date of birth unkown | Profession unkown

Salesman with Behn, Meyer & Co., Semarang, Java.

In the chaos during the sinking of the Van Imhoff he ends in a small workboat that is seen lying on the deck. It is a rowing boat for repairs and maintenance, not motorized, and equipped with four peddles, one of which is lost when the boat is lowered over the railing. People identified in this boat include F. Maack, who takes a role as natural leader in the boat, Dr. K.Heidt, Dr H.P. Heldt, W.E. Gosch, Grimm, A. Vehring and J. Grasshoff. Vehring is the most knowledgeable about navigation and handling a boat at sea. He will be instrumental in reaching Nias.

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