Paul Otto Wust

Victim | 1892 | Inspector of Police 1st class in Bondowoso

Paul Otto Wüst (Wust?) was born in Zehlendorf near Berlin in Germany. Son of Hermann Otto Wust and Mina Güszow.

He married Catalina Josephina Johanna Kwant. The marriage took place in Surabaya on 15 October 1930. In 1948 Cataline was living in Lawang. In 1934 their son Fritz Joachim was born.

In pre-war newspapers, Paul Otto Wüst became known as active Inspector of Police 1st class who had an active role in catching notorious thiefs.

In some documents, Paul Otto Wust features as employee with the PID (Politieke Inlichtingen Dienst, Political Intelligence Service) in Surabaya. This could have been a retirement job making use of his familiarity with all sorts of citizens.

Victim listings are circulating where Paul Otto's name is noted as partner (Firmant) in the Hellfach syrup and softdrink factory in Surabaya. This could be due to a mix up with Otto Robert Hans Wüst who probably was the director of the Hellfach factory and also drowned at sea. Paul Otto and Otto Robert had different parents but could, of course, be nephews or otherwise family-related.

Birth announcement of son Frits Joachim in 1934
Installment as Inspector of Police in Bondowoso
Catching thiefs 01
Catching thiefs 02

Source: Burgerlijke Stand Batavia, bijzondere overlijdensregisters 1948-1950, Arsip Nasional, Jakarta

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