Erich (younger brother of Hermann Stern) Stern

Victim | 06 January 1901 | Merchant and delicacy entrepeneur

Born in Muehlhausen on 6 January 1901. Jewish background. He was the younger brother of Hermann Stern.

Erich Stern migrated from Genthin, Germany, to the Dutch East Indies in 1933 together with his elder brother Hermann and his family. In Bandung they managed a delicatessen business together. Sofar there are no records indicating whether Erich was married or had children.

Erich was arrested together with his elder brother Hermann in 1941. They both drowned at sea during their deportation with the ss Van Imhoff.

(Information provided on 27 May 2020 by Frederik Dias Santilhano jr. who is Hermann Stern’s grandson and Erich Stern's grandnephew. Frederik now lives in Australia.)

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