Ernst Emil Pflug

Victim | 25 December 1884 | Retired lithographic printer

Ernst Emil  PflugBorn 25 December 1884 in Irchwitz-Aubachthal, Germany. Son of Friedrich Wilhelm Pflug en Marie Elise Reiher. Not officially married.

Ernst Emil Pflug served in the German army from 14 October 1904 to 24 September 1906. He then volunteered for worldwide duties with the Royal Netherlands Indies Army (KNIL) for a contract period of 6 years. The initial registration took place in The Netherlands on 6 Augustus 1908. He was shipped with the ss Goentoer on 24 October 1908 to NEI where he arrived one month later.

In the army, he specialized in lithographic printing and reached the rank of sergeant-mayor. His contract was renewed every two years on 17 October over the period 1914-1922. Ernst was a fervent hunter. Letters by his hand were found, addressed to his employer, applying for leave to undertake hunting trips. Documents were also found related to his bankruptcy which would imply that he also managed a commercial lithographic enterprise.

He met his Ipah, a local woman, in the Selabintana hotel in Sukabumi. Together they had 2 children: Herman Wilhelm Pflug born in Sukabumi on 29 July 1934 and Clara (Claartje) Marie Pflug born on 8 December 1936. Herman was legally recognized, but Clara was not.

He received his Dutch NEI passport on 5 August 1924. His last address was Jalan Gunung Sahari no 1, in the Weltevreden area of Batavia.

In some listings of the Van Imhoff victims it is noted that the name Ernst Pflug appeared in the "Kutacane transport list." It is not clear whether this "Kutacane transport list" is in any way different from the regular transports from the Kutacane camp to Sibolga harbor.

When it was confirmed to the family that Ernst was among the Van Imhoff victims, both children were placed in an orphanage: Herman in the Vincentius home for boys in Kramat and Clara in the Vincentius home Bidara Cina for girls.

It is here that the names of Van Imhoff survivors Albert Vehring and Friedrichs pop-up in a letter requesting the director of the Vincentius foundation to have Clara officially recognised and be allowed to keep Pflug as maiden-name. This way she would, together with Herman, also be a heir to Ernst's legacy and securing payment for her education and upbringing.

Initially, Clara was too young to be aware of these arrangements and payments in the background. Only later she understood why she was often favoured in her educational possibilities in comparison with the other orphans in post-war Indonesia.

Later in her life Clara worked for Gerhart Weiz, the German Ambassador to Indonesia (service year 1963 - 15 July 1964). These contacts stimulated her to organise her demobilisation to Europe. Brother Herman stayed on in Indonesia.

Clara married with Ferdinand Jager on 30 June 1968. She remained a housewife. Both Herman Pflug and Clara Jager-Pflug are now deceased.

The children of Herman include: Grace Maria (4-2-1970), Masnun Gisela (27-2-1971), Mushin Jurgen (27-2-1971), Deddy Jurgen (7-6-1972), Sally Mariska (6-7-1974) and Boy Herman (9-3-1976)

Clara gave birth to Andre George (8-12-1969) and Mariska Mathilde (23-6-1971).

In December 2022, the granddaughter of Ernst Pflug (Mariska Pflug) and her partner (Jacques Smits) explored his past in Indonesia. This included a visit to the National Archive (Arsip Nasional), the German Embassy in Jakarta and Pulau Onrust. Their findings were shared with this site to further complete the profile of Ernst Pflug and his descendants.

Emil wearing his KNIL Attila uniform (model 1904-1909)

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Emil's partner Ipah. Together they had two children: Herman and Clara.

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Written request to take leave and go on a hunting trip.

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Albert Vehring's request to recognise Clara as legal child and heir to Emil Pflug

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Source: Burgerlijke Stand Batavia, bijzondere overlijdensregisters 1948-1950, Arsip Nasional, Jakarta

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