Georg Wilhelm August Friedrichs

Survivor | Date of birth unkown | Goldsmith and jeweller

Georg Wilhelm August  FriedrichsGoldsmith in Jakarta (Batavia). Pictures: © 2023 private family archive.

George married Emma Bertha Warner, known under her nickname Betty or Bobby. Jährling (2006) mentions Berthi Friedrichs as one of the women whom she met in the Tjibadak internment camp for German women and children.

Emma and Georg had two children. The first was George Wilhelm Ferdinand Friedrichs. He changed his name to Fred George Friedrichs. He became the father of Kelly Friedrichs-Valldeperas who contacted in 2023. In the correspondence that followed she shared the following family information and moving photographs.

Kelly is proud of her grandfather. For her he comes across as a wonderful husband and father.

The second child is Ursula Erna. She is the only child still living and resides in South Carolina. She was born after the sinking of the Van Imhoff.

In post war NEI, Georg teamed up with other Van Imhoff survivors to assist each other in the middle of the country's chaos. He also met Albert Vehring. Together they seek (with success) to formally legalise the status of Clara as daughter and heir of Van Imhoff victim Ernst Emil Pflug. (See biography Ernst Pflug for more details.)

Georg Friedrichs with his wife Emma and their son George Wilhelm Ferdinand (later renamed as Fred). © 2023 family archive

Friedrichs' wife Emma with their son George Wilhelm Ferdinand (later renamed as Fred). © 2023 family archive

Georg with his son George in a cozy father-son moment. Apparently, the boy had a small accident and got a black eye.
© 2023 family archive

Georg Friedrichs as caring father. © 2023 family archive

Advertisement of the public sales of Friedrichs confiscated jewelry shop, workshop and household goods. Sekretarieweg 5 was situated in a posh Batavia neighborhood and later renamed as Jalan Veteran III
Source: Bataviaasch Nieuwsblad 24 July 1940

Georg's home and workplace in Batavia. Photo: © 2024 Friedrichs family archive

Last direct descendant of Georg Friedrichs: Ursula Erna Friedrichs Wells residing in South Carolina, USA. She was born after the sinking of the Van Imhoff.. © 2004 family archive (Photo under technical repair)

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