Hartmut (?) Rexhauser

Victim | Date of birth unkown | Profession unkown

On 19 September 2017 Hilde Houdtzagers mailed:

Mr. Rexhauser is the father of a friend of mine. He was also on that ship but I could not find him on the list. His son Oscar Rexhauser is the name of my boyfriend but he died 6 years ago. Why is Mr Rexhauser not on the list of victims?

Oscar had an Indonesian mother and a German father...but because mr Rexhauser was imprisoned and the mother was left alone with Oscar... he decided to give Oscar away to a foster family who went to the Netherlands... So Oscar went with this foster parents to Holland... Imagine what's it is like to leave his mum and never see his father again. When Oscar was 18 years old he reunited with his mother in Indonesia...

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