Werner Wohl

Victim | 19 May 1905 | Employee with Schliepr in Surabaya

Werner  WohlWerner Wohl is born in Wermelskirchen on 9 (19?) May 1905. With his Jewish background, he is pushed by his father Kurt to immigrate to NEI to escape the rise of Nazi Germany.

Father Moritz Kurt Wohl follows and becomes a medical practitioner in Bandung. Son Werner finds employment with the Schlieper firm in Batavia and later in Surabaya. (Remscheider ?) He marries Marga ten Hoet.

Both father and son are interned from March 1940 to January 1942. When boarding the Van Imhoff, father Kurt is called away in the very last minute to attend to a medical emergency.

This incident is exceptional as the internment and deportations usually took place with zero tolerance. What type of emergency was so important that this exception is made? How could the authorities have traced dr Wohl in the chaos of Sibolga?

The life of Kurt Wohl is depicted in the multimedia theatre "Boelongan" (See: timeline entry 4 December 2015)

Son Werner remains on board of the Van Imhoff when his father is whisked away. He drowns at sea during the disaster.

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Werner Wohl (holding his little son Hans) with his father Kurt Wohl standing next to him, Surabaya, 1939.
Source and copyright: Hartmut Zaender

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