Reinhold Emil Engel

Victim | 1894 | Administrator at tea estates

Born in Borstel an der Luhe (Hannover). Son of August Engel and Magdalena Bodestaff

On 1 August 1914 he was mobilized as Tsingtau sea soldier in the 4th Company of the 3rd sea battalion. Became prisoner of war from November 1914 onwards in the Kumamoto Camp (Nr. 3225). In June 1915 he is moved to the Kurume camp in Japan.

In December 1919 he is released and opts for a new future in the Netherlands East-Indies. In 1922 he is registered with the Tjikopo tea plantation, south of Buitenzorg. He is also registered as administrator with the “Montaja” estate in Tjimahi.

In 1925 he lives in the Cimulang district in Buitenzorg. In 1935 he marries Ida Wilhelmina Wolterbeek. She is the daughter of a Dutch estate owner. They get 3 (4?) children. In 1940 he is registered as planter with the Straits Soenda Syndicate.

Interned in May 1940 and deported with the Van Imhoff. Drowned.

After the war, his wife Ida moved to Soerabaya (1948) for a while. She then moved to Germany and sold the parental house of Reinhold in Borstel 69.

Genealogical links:
- (Stamboom Engel-Van Mierlo)

Source: Burgerlijke Stand Batavia, bijzondere overlijdensregisters 1948-1950, Arsip Nasional Jakarta.

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