Emil Vinders

Victim | 1894 | Police officer

Sometimes listed as Emil Vind. Born in 1894 in district Westenfeld (or: Gelsenkirchen?), Westfalen province.

Called to arms in Tsingtau in August 1914 and stationed as sailor soldier in the 5th company of the 3rd Sea Battalion. From November 1914 imprisoned by the Japanese ending up in the Matsuyama concentration camp (prisoner number 3150). He was moved to the Bando camp on 9 April 1917. Here he was registered with Brambauer as place of origin in Kreis Dortmund, Westfalen, Hospital Strasse 48.

Released in December 1919. Accepted the option to start working in the Netherlands East Indies.

In the Tsingtau archives joins the Police and is stationed in 1922 as Chief Constable (Hoofdagent) in Pamekasan (Madura). In 1940 he is still registered as police officer.


Other sources mention that Emil Vinders started working with the Hollandse Beton Maatschappij in Batavia and was re-posted in 1922 for the same firm in Makassar. In this source it was also noted that he married twice The second marriage was with Louise Haefele. He had three children and moved to Semarang in 1935 (Pieter Sijthoflaan 61)

Interned in May 1940 and deported in January 1942 with the Van Imhoff. Drowned.

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