Heinrich Theobald

Victim | 1883 | Photographer

Born in Rudolfsheim, Germany (or: Austria). Son of Philip Jacob Theobald en Therese Bauer

Photographer in Semarang

Married with Maria Theresia Schipperijn (= Schipperrijn) in Batavia on 21 July 1914. They had two daughters: Johanna Marie (#1) and Therese Maria (#5). Wife Maria, their two daughters and 3 of their grandchildren were imprisoned.

Maria Schipperrijn lived in ‘s-Gravenhage in 1948.

Heinrich Theobald, his family and in-laws

In December 2021, Janet Frederiks, who is a granddaughter of Johanna Marie Theobald, shared the following information with the site. Janet is still exploring her family tree.

In the upper row, standing, from left to right: (#1) Johanna Marie Theobald, Heinrich’s youngest daughter, (#2) William Gerrit Ernst, first husband of Johanna, (#3) Maria Theresa Schipperrijn, wife of Heinrich Theobald, and (#4) Jan Broekhuijsen, who is the husband of Therese Maria (#5). The girl (#6) standing next to Therese Maria is not identified yet.

In the lower row, sitting, from left to right (#7) unknown, (#8) unknown and (#9) in white suit, Heinrich Theobald himself.

Source: Burgerlijke Stand Batavia, bijzondere overlijdensregisters 1948-1950, Arsip Nasional, Jakarta

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