Rudolf Max Wilhelm (father) Stoecks

Victim | 1895 | Police inspector

Rudolf Max Wilhelm (father)  StoecksRudolf Stöcks was born in Kiel, 1895.

Became sergeant in the Tsingtao militia and was probably interned in Japan.

In 1922 he is registered as inspector with the military police in Solo. In 1935 he is posted in a similar function in Bojolali (Java). In 1940 he is posted in Surabaya.

Interned in 1940 and deported in 1942. Drowned.

It is likely that his son Walter Heinrich Johann Stöcks,
born in 1922, was interned together with his father in 1940 and deported with the Van Imhoff. Walter was 19 or 20 when he died.

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