Ferdinand Franz Seiferth

Victim | 1918 | Restaurant manager in Hotel Lembang

Ferdinand Franz  Seiferth(Alternative spellings: Seifert, Seiffert)

Ferdinand Seiferth belongs to an established family of Austrian immigrants in NEI. He is the restaurant manager of Grand Hotel Lembang (Java) when he is arrested at the start of WWII. All family properties, including the hotel, are confiscated.

Ferdinand Seiferth is the brother of Mary (NN) who was adopted by the Treipl family together with her son Victor. Mary migrated from Austria and was the head of the linen department at Grand Hotel in Lembang.

Victor Treipl is the father of Birgit Treipl, who wrote a book based on her dad’s life story, called ’Schuilen tussen bamboe’ (Hiding behind bamboo). The book was published in August 2020 by HarperCollins, paperback ref 9789402705638, 272 pgs.

One chapter in the book describes the doom of the Van Imhoff and the life and fate of her great-uncle at father’s side: Ferdinand Seiferth who drowned at sea.


Grand Hotel Lembang

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