Rudolf Georg (father) Scholz

Victim | 25 January 1876 | Public works engineer

Born 25 January 1876 in Köln, Rheinland province. He marries Adele Genenger (born in Viersen on 5 May 1878). They had three children Rudolf (1908), Karla (2 November 1910) and George (born in Tsingtao on 11 March 1914). In 1912/13 he is employed as architect with the Shantung Railway Company in Qingdao.

In October 1914 he enlists as private with the Tsingtao militia. Interned in Japan in the Osaka camp with prisoner number 4703. On 19 February 1913 he was moved to the Ninoshima camp where he is persuaded to start a lithographic printing-office. For a large exhibition in 1919. He produces the post cards and other printed displays for the education department of the exhibition. In the camp archive a personal postcard was found dated 23 October 1916 and addressed to the Franz Wolters family in Rheindahlen.

During his internment, his wife Adele Scholz and the three children remain in Qingdao until 1920.

In December 1919 he is released and given the option to work for the public works department in NEI. In 1922 he is registered in that function in Yokyakarta. In 1935 he is appointed as engineer with the drinking water company in Tangerang, near Jakarta, as specialist in reinforced concrete. In 1940 he retires as senior employee of the Lembang public works department (BOW).

Interned in May 1940 together with his son Georg (1914) who was then a sales employee with the Lindeteves firm in Batavia. Both drowned.

His wife and daughters went to Tsingtao in August 1942 were they lived before the war and repatriated to Germany with the ss Marine Robin in June 1946 (Marine Adventures)

Adele Scholz and her daughter Karla leave NEI in July 1941 and chose Tsingtao as residence, where they had lived in the period 1912-20, and stay there from August 1941 to June 1946. They repatriate to Germany with the ss Marine Robin. From biographical notes on the internet it is not clear what happened to the oldest child Rudolf Scholz (born 1908)

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