Georg (Johann Georg) Schneider

Victim | 04 February 1880 | Missionary

Georg (Johann Georg)  SchneiderBorn in Kitzingen am Main. Became missionary in Irian (Nieuw Guinea). Married to Gretel (Henriette?) Barbara R├╝ckdeschel who lived from 1894-1996. They had three children: Luise born 1928, Fritz 1929 and Mathilde, also called "Adik", 1931. He was posted for UZV in Hollandia, Genjem and Joyakarta.

After Georg's death at sea, his wife managed to get back to Germany in 1948 with her children after spending 4 years in Tsingtao were she got stuck after the treaty between Stalin and Germany was dissolved and traveling overland in Asia and Russia was impossible.

In 2016, Georg's granddaughter Katharina Doebler published a biographic article on her grandfather in the magazine Mare

On 7 May 2021, the story of Georg and his family was retold in an interview with Martha Bayer who was a long time friend and in-law with the Schneiders. This interview was posted on youtube (see link below).

Article by Katharina Doebler (Georg Schneider's granddaughter)
Reprint of the same biographic article
Interview with family friend Martha Bayer

Georg at work in Hollandia, Dutch New Guinea

Georg (far right) was a keen singer and French horn player in a small orchestra

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