Werner Otto Ludwig (son 2) Schalk

Victim | 1915 | Salesman for the Singer factory

Salesman with the Singer Sewing Company in Surabaya. Werner became the fiancee of Amanda (Manda) Martha Francisca Hartman, born on 11 March 1921, a girl of eighteen who was socially well-known because of her high blond hair and deep blue eyes.

The Schalk family lived in the NEI for several generations but always kept their German nationality and identity. Werner, with his father and brother ended up on the ss Van Imhoff.

With respect to the disaster the data source mentioned below informs that when the Dutch crew and guards escaped in the lifeboats, syringes and a few amps with morphine were left behind for the doomed prisoners.

Mochtar Saleh (born 24 September 1917), son of the Indonesian medical professional Mohammad Saleh (born 15 March 1888) and Emma Naimah Moehsin (1883) from Probolinggo attended the sports academy in Surabaya were he regularly met Amanda, the wife of Werner. Mochtar had a sweet character and soft looks. That is why he was nicknamed "Nies", an abbreviation of "manis" ("sweet" in Indonesian). He became the consoling friend of Amanda after the death of Werner at sea.


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