Emil Karl Hermann Saefkow

Victim | 02 November 1891 | Instrument maker / precision mechanic

Emil Karl Hermann  SaefkowBorn 2 November 1891 in Mechow, Neustrelitz District, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Germany. His parents were Hermann Karl Friedrich Heinrich Saefkow (1852-1931), brushmaker, and Emilie Luise Caroline Kolow (1882-1945). Emil finished his education as merchant in October 1911.

He joins the navy and ends up as officer in the 1st Company of the 3rd Sea Batallion of Tsingtao. He was interned in November 1914 in the Kumme camp in Japan carrying number number 699. He was probably transferred to other camps several times and released in December 1919.

He was offered the option to join the police in NEI, but is registered as employee with Carl Schlieper (instruments and tools producer) in Batavia where he lived in the Weltevreden area, Gang Pasar Baroe 54.

Later he moved to Bandung (Mangalaan 39) where he married on 1 April 1929 with Agnes Martina Antoinette Ormanns. Their son Hermann Rolf was born in 1930. In 1935 the family moves to Surabaya (Kroesenpark 10) where Emil finds a job as merchant. In 1940 he is employed with the firm Vraag & Aanbod in Surabaya.

He is interned in May 1940, deported in January 1942 with the ss Van Imhoff and drowned.

Resume at Tsingtao site
Resume of son Hermann (by himself)
At the time of internment, Emil Saekow's son Hermann was too young to be arrested together with his father. In 2004 Hermann writes a resume of his early years in Bandung and Surabaya. The arrest and death of his father is not referred to. Source: Studienwerk Deutsches Leben in Ostasien e.V - magazine StuDeO-INFO, April and September 2004, Bonn/ M√ľnchen

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