J Heinrich Ressing

Survivor | Date of birth unkown | Chief inspector of police

Born in Bocholt.

Sea soldier in Tsingtau. Probably captured as prisoner of war and interned in several Japanese camps. Upon his liberation he opted for immigration to the Netherlands East Indies.

In 1922 he was appointed Chief Inspector of Police in Purwodadi. He married Emilie (…) and had two children: Anita (9 May 1930) and Karl (20 August 1933). In 1940 he was transferred to the police force of Oengaran (Ungaran) near Semarang.

Ressing is arrested in May 1940 and deported with the ss Van Imhoff. He reaches Nias and appears in the survivors group picture. No details found yet on his further movements during and after the war.

Mrs Ressing and the children left the Dutch East Indies on a mass transportation ship in July 1940. They went to Tsingtau and stayed there until 1946, following Heinrichs advice. Their daughter Anita died there in March 1946 because of a brain tumor.

Mrs Ressing and son Karl were repatriated to Germany in June 1946 with the Marine Robin and where reunited with Heinrich. They settled in the Ruhr area. In 1977, Heinrich and his wife died soon after each other. Son Karl became a teacher at a secondary school and died in 1983.

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