Karl Hermann Wilhelm Raschdorf

Victim | 1888 | Accountant / bookkeeper

In some documents referred to as Karl Rasch. Born in 1888 in Frankenstein, Schlesien Province (Silesia). In 1910 he started his career as salary administrator in the Tsingtao harbour. In 1912 he became office assistant with a further promotion in 1914.

Several home addresses are found in archives of the Tsingtao colony: Hamburger street, Friedrich street, Thetis street (1913) and the Hafen Hotel in the Rechtern Street.

In August 1914 he is drafted as administrator with the military marines in Tsingtao, later with the 3rd Sea Batallion.

In November 1914 he was imprisoned by the Japanese and transported to the Fukuoka Camp as prisoner number 1456. On 25 September 1915 he was moved to the Aonogahara Camp. In December 1919 he was released with the option to immigrate to the NEI.

In 1922 he is employed with the Nederlandse Handelsmaatschappij in Batavia. In 1935 he lives in Weltevreden, Djaga Monyet 52. In 1940 he became accountant in the same company but is posted in Surabaya.

Interned in May 1940 and deported with the ss Van Imhoff. Last seen at sea by survivor Ernst Fischer. Karl is holding on to a floating, improvised raft which is attached to the only life boat available. On this raft were also dr E Nowak, prof F L Huber, ir P Danzmann and Karl Seemann. When the rope breaks (or is detached) only Danzmann and Seemann can reach boat which is suddenly gaining speed. The others on the raft remain immobile and in shock and disappear out of sight.

(Ref. Van Heekeren page 229)

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