Hans Alfred Fritz Paproth

Victim | 25 May 1892 | Police officer

Born on 25 May 1892 in Foburg (?).

1910 sailor artillery ın the Cux harbour in Tsingtao. Mobilised for war in August 1914 in the 5th company. In November 1914 imprisoned in the Fukuoka camp in Japan (prisoner no. 1391) where he gives the city of Forst as his home address. Moved to the Kurume camp on 11 July 1915 with home address Forst, Cottbuser Str. No. 51.

Released in December 1919 with the option to join the police in NEI. 1922: Supervisor with the military police in Djati Rogo (Rembang). 1935: Police guard 1st class in Purworejo-Kedu, Java. 1940: Police officer in Siantar, Sumatra.

He married Frieda Lina Roessler. They had three children: Margaret, Frieda and Marie.

Interned and deported with the ss Van Imhoff. Drowned.

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