Mathias Ostreicher

Victim | 1889 | Machine operator

Mathias Östreicher was born in 1889 in Laeffelsberg, Germany (?).

Worked as machine operator in the Germania brewery in Tsingtau. Volunteer militia with the marines. Imprisoned in the Kurume and Bando camps. From this period a post card from Mathias is archived dated 25 November 1914, addressed to Claire Lechner, Wasserburg/Inn (Innsbruck?)

Upon his release in December 1919 he was given the possibility to work with the Fikkert Motorcar firm in Batavia. In 1922 he is registered as working with Tandjoeng Moeara Enim, Palembang. In 1940 he works as machine operator with the tinmining company in Muntok, Banka Island.

Mathias Östreicher was married to Annie Meinhard, who lived in Germany at the time of the disaster.

His last known address in NEI was Joboali city in Banka Island

Deported with the ss Van Imhoff and drowned.

Death certificate. Source: Burgerlijke Stand Batavia, bijzondere overlijdensregisters 1948-1950, Arsip Nasional, Jakarta

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