Carl Hermann Friedrich Niemann

Victim | 1881 | Technician

Carl Hermann Friedrich  NiemannBorn in Klinken, Mecklenburg, Germany. Son of Heinrich Friedrich Christof Niemann and Dorothea Marie Christine Sorgenfrey.

Married with Olga Anna Buchholz, whereabouts in 1948 unknown. His son Heinz Christoph Emil Niemann was born in the Bila Sultanate in Sumatra

Carl Niemann was running a machine factory cum repair shop in Tanjungbalai, North Sumatran. The enterprise was going downhill in 1929/1930. Carl's son broke off his ongoing studies in Hamburg to support his parents in NEI. In 1938 when the financial basis was a bit better, he returned to Germany where he was enlisted in the Wehrmacht. He died in the last weeks of the war at the eastern front. Attached is a more detailed biography of Heinz Niemann.

In 1940, father Carl was interned in NEI and embarked on the Van Imhoff in 1942. He drowned during the disaster. Perhaps, Carl had a bother in Germany.

At auction websites, a postcard of Carl Niemann is circulating which is addressed to his wife Olga who was imprisoned in "beschermingskamp Radja" near Brastagi in Sumatra.

Source: Burgerlijke Stand Batavia, bijzondere overlijdensregisters 1948-1950, Arsip Nasional, Jakarta
Detailed biography of son Heinz Niemann

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