Paul Hermann Koenig

Victim | 1887 | Technical manager and watchmaker

Paul Hermann  KoenigBorn in 1887 in Klein Dittmannsdorf, Pulsnitz, Koblenz, Sachsen.

Factory manager in Shanghai. 1914: war volunteer in Tsingtao as sea soldier in the 3rd sea bataillon. Prisoner of war in the Marugame camp (prisoner number 1959, with Dresden as home address), Bando camp (with correspondence addresses Mockritz Post, Dresden, Friedrich-August Street 6 and H. König, Dresden-A., Sachsen Platz 2, with H

Upon release in December 1919, Paul König made a new start in NEI and got a job as factory manager in 1922 with Heiman (Helman?) & Co in Surabaya. In 1935 he became a watch maker with Maurice Wolf in Tunjungan street no 32 (Speelmanstraat 11?)

Drowned with the Van Imhoff

Married to Kate Jobson (Käte Jobst?), born in 1903. She was repatriated in 1947 with the ss General Black

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