the weight of memories

Richard K Th Kaie

Victim | 1890 | Employee with gas company

Born 1890 in Altona, Schleswig-Holstein. Mobilised in Tsingtau on 1 August 1914 as assistant wireless telegrapher and stationed on Kanonenboot Jaguar. Interned in Tokio Asakusa camp (prisoner nr 144) and the Narashino camp. Released in December 1919.

Employed with the Netherlands East Indies Gas Company in 1922 in Meester Cornelis, Batavia. In 1935 his address “my gas” (?) is located in Lahat, Sumatra Selatan. In from 1940 he is registered with the Gas Company (Gatra?) in Batavia again.

Arrested end interned in May 1940. Drowned.

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