Johannes W F Janssen

Victim | 1889 | Police officer

Born 1889 in Eschershausen, Holzminden, Braunschweig. Ex-Tsingtao officer in the 5th Company of the 3rd Sea Battailon. Later promoted to Sergeant. From November 1914 he was imprisoned in the Matsuyama camp with prisoner number 2934 and home address Eschershausen. Moved to the Bando Camp with home address Feddemrarden (?), Amt Jever (?), Olclenburg (?). Released in December 1919.

In 1922 he is police inspector with the field police in Randublatung (Rembang) in NEI. In 1940 stationed as police officer in Surabaya.

Deported with the Van Imhoff. Drowned

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