H F Beck

Survivor | Date of birth unkown | Estate administrator

H F Beck was administrator of the Klawat Estate in Indragiri.

In September 1942, after his stay in Nias as Van Imhoff survivor, he returned to the Klawat estate but the chaos in the country made it impossible to stay there. He fled to Brastagi in Sumatra. In November the German ambassador in Tokio appointed him as representative of the Germans on the Sumatran West Coast In March 1944 he became official representative of all Germans living in Sumatra.

In Van Heekeren (pg 358 - 359) the story is retold about a chest full of personal valuables, taken from the internees, which was submitted to Mr. Beck in order to find the rightful owners.

Apparently, Beck was spotted by the Dutch Intelligence Service and noted as Nazi representative and organizer in Sumatra.



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