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Prof Dr Norbert Grzywa

Victim | 1891 | Surgeon

Surgeon and practitioner in Bandung

Because of his academic background, Norbert Grzywa stands out in the group of internees and becomes their spokesperson in their final camp in North Sumatra. In Sibolga harbor a famous incident takes place which is witnessed by many and quoted in several records: Norbert Grzywa dares to confront the military commander overseeing the boarding of the prisoners. He objects to the fact that the ss Van Imhoff is not properly marked with the protective Red Cross whereupon, allegedly, the commanding officer shouts: "The rules of humanity are now thrown overboard" ("De regels der humaniteit zijn nu overboord geworpen").

Norbert Grzywa was born in Lemberg (Lvov). He graduates in medicine in Vienna (1919) and specializes in surgery.
He writes several scientific essays in the German and Dutch language and becomes well-known and respected among his colleagues and patients.

He is also mentioned in a overview article on the application of cosmetic-surgical principles in NEI:

With thanks to Hans van der Linden for his contribution (2017)

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