Joseph Carl Hermann Siebeler

Victim | 27 February 1883 | Chatelaine / KNIL soldier

Born in Nordhausen, Germany

He married on 13 January 1909 with Christina Alwine Konig in Ambarawa. Chistina was born 4 May 1891 in Padang Panjang (Padang Pandjang).They had 4 children: Carl (24 December 1909) Hermann (2 December 1911), Pauline (23 September 1913) and Albert (3 January 1915)

In some records Joseph's profession is indicated as chatelaine (= kasteelheer, Kastellan) in Salatiga, Java. However Joseph has a long record as KNIL soldier as can be seen in the attached copy from the original regimental role.

Possibly he continued working in Salatiga after his KNIL retirement.




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