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Konrad Hermann O Possehl

Victim | 05 January 1914 | Salesman

Biography provided by Christian Bergholtz, the grandson of Konrad Possehl. Konrad Possehl was the father of his Dutch mother Renate Possehl.

...Konrad Hermann Otto Possehl was born in 1914 in Berlin. His family left Berlin in 1926. They arrived by ss Saarbrucken in Batavia. The family lived in Batavia and Bandung. His father started a trade company named "Firma H. Possehl & Co". Konrad Possehl married Gusta Elisabeth Weissglas (Indonesian national) in 1935. Their first child, Robert Possehl, was born in January 1938. One year later, their daughter Renate Possehl was born in January 1939. Konrad was a salesman at Renault in Urangan near Semarang...

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