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Werner Wohl

Victim | 19 May 1905 | Employee

Werner is born in Wermelskirchen and is pushed by his father to immigrate to NEI and escape the rise of Nazi Germany.

Werner is the son of Dr. Moritz Kurt Wohl (Kurt) who has a medical practice in Bandung. Werner becomes an employee with the Schliepr firm in Surabya.

Both father and son are interned from 1940 to January 1942. When boarding the Van Imhoff, father Kurt is called away from the ship in the very last minute to attend to a medical emergency.

This is a very exceptional event to happen as the internment and deportations took place with zero tolerance. What type of emergency was so important that this exception is made? How could the authorities have traced dr Wohl in the chaos of Sibolga? The life of Kurt Wohl is depicted in the multimedia performance "Boelongan" (See: timeline entry 2013)

Son Werner Wohl remains on board of the Van Imhoff when his father is whisked away and he drowns at sea.

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