Karl W K Zeidler

Victim | 1890 | Rubber planter / press agent with ANIEM

Karl W K  ZeidlerBorn in 1890 in Leipzig (Sachsen).

Ex-Tsingtau. Called to arms in August 1914 and enlisted as sea soldier in the 3rd company of the 3rd sea battalion. From November 1914 imprisoned by the Japanese ending up in the Kurume concentration camp with prisoner no. 848. Released in December 1919.

He accepted the option to immigrate to the Dutch East Indies as rubber planter. In 1922 he is registered as employee with the trading company G. Hoppenstedt in Batavia. In 1940 he became press agent with ANIEM (Algemeene Nederlandsch-Indische Electriciteits-Maatschappij - General NEI Electricity Company) in Jember (Java).

Interned in May 1940 and deported in January 1942 with the Van Imhoff. Drowned.

In some passenger lists there is also a Friedrich Wilhelm Karl Zeidler mentioned, also born in 1890 and registered as mechanic. Are they one and the same person?

On 1 June 2019, Jamos Tan, a direct descendent of Karl Zeidler, mailed the following information.

To avoid using the German name Zeidler, the family adopted the name of Karl's wife: Tan Lan Nio. This picture shows Karl Zeidler's wife Tan Lan Nio with their 2 sons and 2 daughters. The first born son Ludwig Maximilium (on the far left) was also officially renamed Tan rather than Zeidler. Ludwig and his mother migrated to Holland where Ludwig married with Liberta Bockma. They had one child Michiel Laurens Tan who becomes the father of Jamos.

Jamos Zefanja Tan feels that his proper family name is Zeidler.

He can not verify if the listed victims Karl Zeidler and Friedrich Zeidler are one and the same person. He will search the family archive a bit further on this point and collect more information on Karl Zeidler for publication on this site.

Jamos is planning to travel the world by sailing boat and also dive for the Van Imhoff wreckage if the area is not too deep.

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