Walter Karl Hermann Donat

Victim | 14 May 1898 | Mason

Born in Weimar, Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach on 14 May 1892 (1898?). His father Karl Hermann Donat worked as a printer. His mother was Selma Maria Rosalie Leontine Becker. His parents lived in Weimar, Ettersburger street no 19. Walter became a certified mason.

He went to the Tsingtau colony in China and was mobilised as sailor artillerist on 1 August 1914. He was wounded and left the hospital on 7 October 1914. In November 1914 he was arrested by the Japanese and imprisoned in the Fukuoka camp. In July 1915 he was moved to the Kurume camp. He participated as construction specialist in a large exhibition in Japan (1918) in the wooden sculptures department. Released inn December 1919.

He was offered the option to work for the Hollandsche Beton Maatschappij in the Netherlands East Indies which he accepted. He was posted in Weltevreden (1922), Lembang (1935) and Batavia (1940). Arrested in May 1940, interned and deported in January 1942. Drowned.

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