Adolf Wilhelm Emil Clausing

Victim | 1891 | Estate agent

Born ca 1891 in Storkow, District Beeskow-Storkow, Brandenburg Province 01 August 1914 mobilized in the Tsingtau army where he became upper signalman. From November 1914 he was imprisoned in the Himeji (November 1914, no 2163) and the Aonogahara camp (20 September 1915) in Japan. In war archives, there is a letter dated 09 February 1915 written by Adolf to August Clausing who lived in the Friedeberger Street no 14, Berlin.

In December 1919, Adolf was released with the option to work with the post office in the Netherlands East Indies. He accepted this and moved to the area of Weltevreden (1922). In 1935 he re-started his career as merchant and found a house in the Wiechertlaan (nr 14) in Batavia. He married Elizabeth Arnstein. In 1940 he is registered as estate agent in Batavia.

Interned since May 1940 and deported in January 1942. Drowned. His wife made her way back to Germany and settled down in Rabenau, Ost street 9 in 1956.

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