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Hermann Gustav Thiel

Victim | 1887 | Missionary with the Indische Kerk

Hermann Gustav  ThielCleric / pastor with the Indische kerk (NEI Church) in Celebes (Sulawesi)

Member of the Rheinische Mission in Amorang, near Manado in Celebes until 1936. His first wife (born Bachmann) died in Celebes. Hermann was re-posted in Timor. In his second marriage with Pauline Siegwarth he had two sons: Siegfied Hermann Thiel and Eberhard Ulrich.

Siegfried Thiel became the father of Hans Thiel who now lives in Equador and who contacted the site to share information.

Thiel's name as victim is mentioned in Gottlob Weiler's Der Untergang der Van Imhoff - ein Augenzaugenbericht. Evangelischer Missionsverlag (pg 15), GmbH, Stuttgart, 1953 5. Auflage.

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