Walther Franz (Franz Walther?) Schneewolf

Victim | 13 March 1895 | Police officer and factory employee

Born 13 March 1895 in Berlin.

Enlisted in Tsingtao on 1 August 1914 as sea soldier in the 1st Company of the 3rd sea bataillon. Interned as prisoner of war in a.o. the Kumme Camp with prisoner number 228.

Released in December 1919 and given the option to join the police in NEI. In 1922 he is police inspector in Buitenzorg (now: Bogor, Java). In 1940 he works briefly with the Carl Schlieper tool factory in Batavia (Jakarta).

Interned in May 1940 and deported with the Van Imhoff in January 1942. Drowned.

In December 2017 Johan van Leer reports on the VanImhoff.info website:

Els Keylard - nee' Schneewolf (now 94) is the daughter of Walter Franz Schneewolf. She always thought that her father made it to Nias and kept himself hidden till the end of the war. But she never received any confirmation about her father being alive or not. She finally gave up this notion. Els lives in Northlake, Illinois, USA.

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