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C R G (Gerhard) Scharlemann

Victim | Date of birth unkown | Boat dealer / trader

Born in Harburg, Hannover. Establishes himself as merchant in Shanghai (China) and marries there. In 1914 he joins the marine militia in Tsingtao. In August 1914 he is enlisted with the marine defence as artillerist with the 5th Company in Kiautschou.

Interned in Japanese camps from November 1914: in Fukuoka with prisoner number 1491 where he is administered with Shanghai as home town. From 15 September 1915 in Narashino camp where a postcard is found dated 21 February 1916 addressed to his mother H. Scharlemann in Harburg with the slogan "Immer zu Scherzen und Ulk aufgelegt". Werner’s wife stayed back in Shanghai during WWI.

Released in December 1919 and offered the option to work with the Koehler firm in Bandoeng (Bandung). In 1922 he moves to Padang where he is registered in 1935 as owner of export and transport company Scharlemann. In 1940 he works for a short while as boat dealer in Sumatra.

Interned in May 1940 and deported in January 1942 with the ss Van Imhoff. Drowned.

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