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Walter Karl Wilhelm Sauerland

Victim | 1890 | Auctioneer / merchant

Walter Sauerland was born in Bremen. During or just after first World War he went to China and ended up in Java. In
Semarang he married Jenny (Adrinne) Mehlbaum a Dutch national. On 21 August 21, 1924 their first and only child was born: Mathilde Sauerland.

Walter was very disappointed about the developments in Nazi Germany. As German national, he wanted to completely distance himself and applied for full Dutch citizenship. This was in principle approved also because his wife was Dutch but the application had to be endorsed by queen Wilhelmina in The Netherlands which was practically impossible to arrange in 1943. Walter was arrested despite his protest. The application itself did not save him.

He sent several pictures and postcards from his internment camps Onrust and in Kota Tjané. Several documents eventually ended up in Bremen and are currently being traced for publication on this site.

(Above information was kindly provided by Walter's great granddaughter Inge Delissen in The Netherlands)

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