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Heinrich Ludwig Alwin Boehmer

Victim | 1887 | Engineer in sugar factory

Born in 1887, Harburg ad Elbe. Ex-Tsingtao. 1914: worked with the Rickmers Maritime Line as chief engineer. In August 1914 he was mobilized as engine operator in the 5th mariners battalion in Tsingtau. Interned in the Osaka and Tokushima camps, prisoner nr 4130. In April 1917 he was moved to the Bando camp, prisoner number 26. Released in December 1919. In 1922 he works in the sugar factory in Ranoepakis, Klakah.

In 1930 he works as engineer in the sugar factory in Trangkil near Kudus, Java. Interned in May 1940. Deported with the Van Imhoff in 1942. Drowned.

On 8 October 2011, his grandson Paul Boehmer posts a message at the forum of He recalls that his grandfather was on the Van Imhoff. Paul’s father who was probably very young in those days had escaped internment. He spoke very little on what happened. Paul was touched to finally read the full Van Imhoff tragedy on the internet.

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