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Werner August Bode

Victim | 1890 | Pastor

Pastor with the Indische kerk (Indonesian church) in Buitenzorg (Bogor) near Jakarta.

Referred to as F. Bode (?) in Gottlob Weiler's Der Untergang der Van Imhoff - ein Augenzaugenbericht. Evangelischer Missionsverlag, GmbH, Stuttgart, 1953. Gottlob Weiler, 1958

In February 2019, Mr. Bode's great-granddaughter Sascha Hardt wrote the following email to the site (slightly abridged):

<< I happened upon your website while researching the life of my great-grandfather, Werner August Bode, who died on the van Imhoff <....> WA Bode had initially come to Indonesia as a missionary in a place called Airmadidi, North Sulawesi. My grandmother, who is still alive today, was born there in 1922. Later, Bode was recruited by Dr. Hendrik Kraemer of the Dutch Bible Association (Nederlandsche Bijbel Genootschap, NBG) to work on a new translation of the bible into standard Malay (now Bahasa Indonesia). He finalized the Old Testament while already in an internment camp, it was published in 1938 and remained, as far as I heard, the standard translation in Indonesia until the 1980s. The New Testament was never completed, due to his death on the Van Imhoff...>>

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