the weight of memories

Alfons Ernst Mayer

Victim | 1901 | Jeweller and watchmaker

Alfons Ernst Mayer is born in Austria. Because of the Anschluss of Austria into the German Reich, Alfons Mayer is automatically registered as German citizen.

He travels to NEI in 1920 via Germany. He marries with a Dutch woman, born in NEI. In 1933 he can take over a jeweller's shop in Jogyakarta. He writes his sisters in Vienna how happy he is, away from the turmoil in Europe, not knowing his fate in NEI when the war spreads to Holland. He is interned in 1940 and shipped with the Van Imhoff in 1942. He drowns at sea.

After the war, his wife and children travel to The Netherlands. In 2010, M A Mayer, daughter of Alfons Ernst Mayer, spots an ambiguous article on the Van Imhoff in the Dutch daily NRC of 1 June 2010. Irritated by its lighthearted tone, she writes a readers' letter to the NRC which is published on 3 July 2010. See: timeline entry dated 3 July 2010.

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