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Louis Wilhelm Magener

Victim | 1894 | Small trader

Born in 1894 in Wilhelmsburg, District Harburg, Hannover province. In 1914 he was mobilized in Tsingtau as artillery sailor in der 4th Company. In November 1914 imprisoned in Osaka. Moved to Tokushima camp in December 1914 with prison number 4235. In June 1915 moved to the Bando camp where he is registered with the home address: Schröder-Stifts street 18, Hamburg.

Discharged in December 1919 with the option to migrate to the Netherlands Indies as merchant. In 1922 he works with the Megalithic monuments agency in RL Benkulu, Sumatra. In 1935 he is registered as merchant in Semarang. In 1940 he moves as small trader to the capital Batavia.

Interned in May 1940 and deported in January 1942 with the Van Imhoff. Drowned.

18 January 2012, exactly 70 years later, Louis’ grandson Faisal leaves the following forum message at
"Yes it is very sad, my grandfather was also in that ship (Van Imhoff ), his name was Wilhelm Louis Magener. I am Indonesian and live in Indonesia. My mother is half German and Indonesian. Sadly i have only one picture of my lovely grandfather".

Note from the webmaster: Faisal, wouldn't you like to share a scan of that picture on this site? Thank you!

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