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Alfred Nis Wilhelm Lorenzen

Victim | 1900 | Sinologist

Alfred Nis Wilhelm  LorenzenSinologist from Kabanjahe, Medan.

He managed to enter a working contact for 5 years with the NEI government for his services as accountant with the tax authority to monitor Chinese bookkeeping documents. However, NEI authorities dissolved the contract for unclear reasons in 1938. Alfred then sued the State and claimed contractual and overdue payments in court which were granted.

In 1940 Alfred Lorenzen escaped imprisonment during operation "Berlijn" but in January 1942 he was directly transported from Kotaraja to Sibolga harbor and deported with the Van Imhoff.

NOTE: Family photos in this entry are kindly made available by Harmen Reichert grandson of Alfred Lorenzen. Copyright @ 2021 Harmen Reichert.

Employment with NEI registration card

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