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H. E. J. Loeffler (2x)

Victim | Date of birth unkown | Profession unkown

There are 2 persons found with the family name Loeffler
and the initials H.E.J. They might be one and the same person or two different identities:

1) Hugo Ernst Julius Löffler was born in Verkehrt-Grünow
on 28-02-1876.

2) The second, H. E. J. Löffler appears on the official Kutacane transport list. He was born in Erfurt, Sachsen.
The following information

From 1908 - 1914 he is mechanical engineer in the engineering department of the Tsingtao (Qingdao) shipyard. Married to Johanna X and became father of three children. One son was born on 5 February 1910. Settles in the Gromsch street and later (1910) in the Kleine Hafenweg. Promotes to foreman in 1913

In 1914 he joins the defence militia of Tsingtau. Prisoner of war since 16 August 1915 and shipped to Japan in the Osaka camp (prisoner no. 4689) and Ninoshima camp. His wife and children stayed in Tsingtau during the war.

Released in December 1919 and offered a job with the marine harbour in Batavia. In 1922 he works with Carl Schlieper tools in Batavia. In 1935 he is registered in Magelang.

Imprisoned in 1940, shipped with the Van Imhoff.

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